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      Zhongqi Business Management Group was founded in July 2013 with a registered capital of RMB 22.33 million yuan, located at No.92, South Fuzhou Road, Jiaozhou City, and is invested by Zhongqi Holding Group Co., Ltd.
      Zhongqi Shengjian (Qingdao) Business Management Co., Ltd. a subsidiary company of Zhongqi Business Management Group, consists of Zhongqi Shengjian (Qingdao) Logistics Co., Ltd., Zhongqi Shengjian (Tongliao) Market Management Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Century Hotel, and mainly deals with commercial real estate, project location planning and research, real estate sales, real estate investment management, consulting on enterprise management, retail and relevant management, commercial space design, market research, commercial real estate planning, etc..
      Jiaozhou Zhongqi Plaza is a large shopping mall managed by Zhongqi Shengjian (Qingdao) Logistics Co., Ltd., with the total investment is about RMB 200 million Yuan, covering an area of 24,822.3 square meters and total construction area of 51,720 square meters, of which, the ground surface is 41,509 square meters and the underground covers 10,211 square meters, which started to be built in August 2012, completed and started business in July 2014. RMB 50 million was invested to build the first experience-based shopping mall in China, which is the first specialized one-stop shopping mall integrating entertainment, leisure and shopping mall with online to offline operation in Shandong, and is equipped with large-scale logistics delivery center. As the one-stop urban square, the plaza’s business mainly includes: 3D virtual app, mobile phone shop, warehouse logistics center, catering, shopping, fitness and entertainment.
      Tongliao Zhongqi Plaza is a large shopping mall managed by Zhongqi Shengjian (Tongliao) Market Management Co., Ltd. and started business in January 2013. Located in Tongliao business center, the plaza is the full-service shopping mall integrating supermarket, five-star theater, electronic entertainment center, food court and large-scaled shopping center. With the entering of international business giant Wal-Mart, KFC, Pizza Hut and others, the plaza has become a new landmark of commercial development in Tongliao City.
      Founded in October, 2002, Qingdao Century Hotel is a four-star hotel integrating business, catering and entertainment. Located in the most prosperous area in Jiaozhou city, the hotel is with about 230 sets of luxury suites, double luxury suites, all kinds of deluxe standard rooms, single rooms, writing rooms and other rooms, and is equipped with more than 1,000 tables for decorated Chinese, Western, Korean and Japanese dining rooms, the well-known chefs can provide Lu, Guangdong, Sichuan and other dishes and Western, Korean and Japanese cuisine and local specialties at the same time. The hotel includes large, medium and small meeting rooms and business centers, shopping malls, postal service, air ticketing and other services, and the bowling alley, bath center, chess room, swimming pool, karaoke halls and other entertainment facilities.
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